30.05.2021 at approx. 3 pm (GMT 13:00) following the staged reading of Pistes 

01.06.2021  at approx. 9 pm (GMT 19:00) following the staged reading of May our children be giants

02.06.2021  at approx. 8 pm (GMT 18:00) following the staged reading of The Nature of Law

05.06.2021  at approx. 9:15 pm (GMT 19:15) following the live-stream of Le syndrome de la Pintade

08.09.2021  at approx. 10:15 pm (GMT 20:15) following the show Romeo and Juliet in Kampala

Duration of the discussions: approx. 45-60 min

Event Series

Multilingual with consecutive translation or simultaneous translation

Theater im Bauturm, Alte Feuerwache, online

In close exchange with African authors and through staged readings, subtitled events and multilingual performances as well as talkbacks and round table discussions, the Über-Setzung event series explores challenges in the field of translation for and in theater. Public discussions will be offered in context of and following each of the events:

Bilingual Performances: Multilingual performances enable artist to work interdisciplinary across different cultures. What are the reasons behind this artistic choice? What are the aesthetic consequences? How does this approach impact audience reception? How does subtitling impact multilingual performances?

Alte Feuerwache, 30. May, approx. 3 pm following the staged reading of Pistes by Penda Diouf

The Art of Staged Readings: Staged readings are a perfect opportunity to showcase original or translated text to an audience. Staged readings can be an important stepping stone to get a text off the ground. How can staged readings be a successful part of play development? Are they a way to attract potential investors and publishers? We have invited authors, directors and organizers for a round table discussion.

Alte Feuerwache, 1. June, approx. 9:30 pm following the staged reading of May our children be giants by Sèdjro Giovanni Houansou

The Challenges of Translating Theater Texts: What specific challenges do translators of dramatic texts face? What are cultural translation problems? What is unique to the translation of African dramatic texts? Is a successful translation a collective product of actors, writers, directors, and audiences? These and many more questions will be addressed in a round table discussion with translators, directors and authors.

Alte Feuerwache 2. June, approx. 8 pm following the staged reading of The Nature of the Law by Sinzo Aanza

Subtitling: Certain Difficulties and Specific Features: Subtitling is a recurrent occurrence in live performance and by now also during live-streams. In this round table discussion translators, directors and event organizer come together to discuss not only the function of subtitling but also some of the challenges and requirements this form of projected translation brings. What is the audience attitude towards subtitling and can they successfully follow performances? What happens with subtitles? Are they archived or recorded?

ONLINE June 5, approx. 9:30 pm following Le Syndrome de la Pintade

The event series is sponsored by the German Translator Fund and The Federal Governent Commissioner for Culture and the Media Neustart Kultur.

All events can also be enjoyed online.