10.06.2023 21:30 h

11.06.2023 15:00 h


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DURATION: ca. 1 h

You can snatch everything from a person except his dream, his imagination, his illusion. Stories are subject to any kind of change over time. But how can we remix body, memory or an opinion?
Four artists find themselves in an imaginary space and decide to appropriate it. They want to redefine it and tell it in their own way - and this in a world that is constantly changing.
The Remix examines how we can rewrite our history, individually or collectively – according to our own imagination – and what means we use to construct or dream this imaginary world... The ideas are there, but conflicts arise, and different or shared points of view come to pass.


The remix is a strategy of musical composition and innovation. The main characteristic of a remix is that it appropriates and changes other materials to create something new. The company translates this practice into dance and choreography, because the remix includes the coexistence of different artists in one and the same work. It facilitates evolution and development and opens up the possibility of a potentially endless creative process. The material to be remixed rests with the artists, just like a say in shaping an entire society. "But what can we do when everything has already happened? History is past. How about we revisit it!?"


CHOREORAPHY Adonis Nébié | MUSIC Sebastien Martel | EQUIPMENT Clara Lou Walter | DANCERS Adonis Nébié, Sayouba Sigué, Jolie Nguema | LIVE MUSIC Sébastien Martel | PRODUCTION Cie Teguerer danse | COPRODUCTION africologne | WITH THE SUPPORT OF Montpellier Danse, Accueuil studio, Fraternative (Roubaix), Studio Ego (Lille)


The Burkinabe dancer and choreographer Adonis Nébié was born in Ivory Coast. Trained at the École des Sables by Germaine Acogny in Senegal and at the Ballet Prejloca, he worked with Serge Aimée Coulibaly (Faso Danse Théâtre), Irène Tassembedo, Olivier Tarpaga, Nadia Beugré and Vera Sander, among others. In 2016 he was selected as a partner in the European Union's 1Space project with Ballets C de la B, which took him to Ramalah in Palestine, Lisbon and Slovenia, the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Durban in South Africa. From these experiences came the duet Blood Brother with the Palestinian Ahmed Tobasi at the ballet C de la B in Ghent, with which he also made a guest appearance at africologneFESTIVAL in 2017. With his company Teguerer Danse he created the piece Assemblage, commissioned by the Hamburg State Theater. Since 2011 he has been collaborating with Serge Aimée Coulibaly (Kohuma 7 degré Sud, Nuit blanche à Ouagadougou, Kalakuta Republic, Kirina and Wakatt). He has already made guest appearances at africologne with his solo Ésprit. Adonis Nebié gives master classes on the artistic approach of Cie. Faso Danse Theater.