An Exhibition by Herby Sachs & Christa Morgenrath

1.6.2021  18:30 h (GMT 16:30) VERNISSAGE

OPENING HOURS 2nd, 3rd, 5th and 6th June, 16-20 h, 4th June 15-17 h



When visiting the exhibition area, please note that only 9 people can be there at the same time in order to maintain sufficient distance. Please make sure to wear a mouth-nose protection (medical mask / FFP2).

This photo exhibition presents the literary voices of Africa. Herby Sachs’ staged portraits and spontaneous photographs of promising new writers have been taken during and after staged readings curated by stimmen afrikas over the past ten years. Classical black and white photography is displayed with colorful excerpts and quotes from the texts of the authors shot. The images taken are more often than not reflective of the personal experiences, perspectives and imaginations of the authors. Simultaneously, moving images are displayed of moments that have been caught during the numerous events hosted over the past decade. Go to for more impressions.

For the past 12 years stimmen afrikas has provided numerous literature series and training about contemporary African writers and the African diaspora and has accumulated more than 133 high profile guests from 35 countries. In this context current political issues and discourses, such as the on-going processes of de-colonialization are debated.