by Kagayi Ngobi

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LANGUAGES  English with German surtitles 


What makes this poet so sad, pessimistic, sarcastic, angry and unhappy? What is he protesting against?In a long, gripping poem in seven parts, Kagayi Ngobi explores his role as a poet in the public spotlight. For my negativity is a profound and entertaining journey into a poet's decoloniality.

Written by Ugandan poet and playwright Kagayi Ngobi and directed by Ugandan theater director and former radio journalist Kalundi Serumaga, who has been banned from his home country for critical reporting, For my negativity "takes a deeper look at the fact that we are products of 'post'-colonial nation-states and fragile democracies". Sunday Monitor, December 11, 2022.

For My Negativity was the opening act for the 9th edition of the 2022 Kampala International Theatre Festival. The play addresses issues of corruption and bad governance. A week to the festival, the Media Council Uganda threatened the organizers of the festival with cancellation of the event and arrests.

„For My Negativity confirms that Uganda does not belong to the Ugandans but to those in power. That explains why the populace will continue to say, 'This land is not ours, Munange'." Sunday Monitor, December 11, 2022

Kagayi Ngobi is a Ugandan playwright, poet, performer and publisher. He wrote numerous plays and volumes of poetry. In his publishing house he publishes the works of young Ugandan artists as well as established authors. As a playwright and performer, Kagayi has appeared in Uganda, Kenya, Sweden and Germany. His plays include: THE AUDIENCE MUST SAY AMEN, NO SPEAKING VERNACULAR and ARREST THE POEM.


Kalundi Robert Serumaga is a consultant, journalist, filmmaker and cultural activist. Previously he was director of the Uganda National Cultural Center and taught at Makerere University in Uganda. He has lived in exile in Kenya and the UK.


LYRICS AND PERFORMANCE Kagayi Ngobi | DIRECTOR Kalundi Serumaga | ASSISTANT DIRECTOR Colman Otunga | STAGE MANAGER Isma Semujju | COSTUMES/PROPS Katesi Kalange | LIGHT Illelite Jonathan | LIVE MUSIC Collin Serunjogi, Mudhasi Jaffer