by Sinzo Aanza

2.6.2021  19:00 h (GMT 17:00)  TICKETS STREAM

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DURATION approx. 1:30 hr


Staged Reading of the German translation

Alte Feuerwache, Bühne

A horrific health and economic crisis have put emergency laws into practice. Life will never be the same again. Those who are in perfect physical health and intelligent are chosen to stay in the so-called Der Kern, an area of great order. Meanwhile the rest of the city, has fallen into despair and chaos, while the chosen ones are heavily guarded by soldiers. Impenetrable from the outside, the first barrier is a sort of market, where people go to buy and sell things – or themselves. But one day, when one of the fiercest watchmen leaves his post, the tensions between the city and the Kern worsen. Those, herded behind the fences like wild animals start to question the principles under which they have been excluded from life in Der Kern. Sinzo Aanza took as the starting point of his play The Nature of Law the current Corona health crisis, during which, in fact, the commercial center of Kinshasa was isolated from the rest of the city.

SCENIC ARRANGEMENT Poutiaire Lionel Somé | TRANSLATION Lydia Dimitrow

FUNDED by Kunststiftung NRW and Deutscher Übersetzerfonds