A theatre film project by Yves Ndagano and Jan-Christoph Gockel 

28.5.2021  20:30 h, Film opening

29.5.2021  15:00 h until the 11th June you could watch the film as VIDEO ON DEMAND




Languages: French, German, Lingala with German and English subtitles

PREMIERE of the first versio

COLTAN-FEVER is a global theatrical film. It was shot in the DR Congo, Rwanda, Niger,
Ghana, Bangladesh, China, Colombia, Lesbos and Germany. The protagonist is a
wooden puppet, a child.

"The final products go all around the world. They are delivered to vendors and sold to consumers, who sometimes camp out in front of the shops for nights – just to be sure to be the first to get a new model. Among them are children, waiting impatiently for products made by other children." Coltan Fever

COLTAN-FEVER follows the story of a 2014 theatre piece of the same name. COLTAN-FEVER (the play) was already shown at the africologneFESTIVAL in 2015. In this 2021 theatrical, cinematic adaptation, the theatre scenes are played at their original locations in the DR Congo. The theatrical film centres on the story of the Congolese artist Yves Ndagano, a former child soldier and miner of a coltan mine in the east of the DR Congo, whose vision is to transform society through art.

"Le voyage continue" is one of the central lines of the play. It is also true for the entire project, which the team keeps working on. A documentary film called COLTAN FEVER is currently in post-production and is scheduled for completion in January 2022.



Yves Ndagano, born 1990 in Bukavu, founder of the SIKILIK’Africa Company, works today as a choreographer, director and actor and is artistic director of the Kivu Theater festival.


A THEATRE FILM by Yves Ndagano and Jan-Christoph Gockel | TEXT Yves Ndagano, Jan-Christoph Gockel & Ensemble | WITH i.a. Patrick Joseph, Gianni La Rocca, Laurenz Leky, Ernestine M’Kajabika, Léontine M’Kajabika, Yves Ndagano & Michael Pietsch | CAMERA Christian Hennecke, TD Jack Muhindo & Eike Zuleeg | SOUND Tavis Jean-Batiste | EDITING Christoph Otto | PUPPETRY Michael Pietsch | PRODUCTION MANAGEMENT Kathrin K. Liess | INTERNATIONAL TEAMS Atifa Akbari (Lesbos), Bernard Akoi-Jackson (Ghana), Maman Iro Abdoul Aziz (Niger) , Yves Peter Kijyana (Rwanda), Gianni La Rocca (Belgium), Tiago Seither Afonso (Columbia) | As covered by the documentary film COLTAN-FIEBER by Christian Hennecke | PRODUCTION  peaches&rooster & africologneFESTIVAL | COPRODUCED by Theater im Bauturm Köln and Schauspielhaus Graz | SPONSORED by the Ministry of Culture and Science of North-Rhine Westphalia, North-Rhine Westphalian State Office of Independent Arts e.V., the Federal Office of Germany, the Rwanda Parnership Rheinland-Pfalz / Rwanda e.V., Shift Phone & Theater Graz | THANKS goes to Münchner Kammerspiele