Book Presentation with Charlotte Bomy, Penda Diouf, Yasmine Salimi and Lisa Wegener


30.5.2021 15:45 h (GMT 13:45)

STREAM, following the Bilingual reading (German-French) Pistes at 14 h and the panel discussion at 15 h in the context of our series ÜBER-SETZUNG

DURATION approx. 1 hr.



Book Presentation with Charlotte Bomy, Penda Diouf, Yasmine Salimi and Lisa Wegener 

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Over the course of the past years a new generation of playwrights emerged in Belgium and France, who are on a quest for a black identity. These playwrights provide a new look at European historiography in relation to identity and the centuries-long experience of colonial heritage. Ultimately shifting the gaze to their strengthened self-confidence and sense of self in the diaspora.

The authors’ stories about racially motivated discrimination, the continuous colonial experience in a white majority population, police brutality and sexual ascription, bridge their personal experiences with striking universal themes and subjects. With a dedication to deconstruction these authors examine black identity and afro feminist positions. The anthology includes: Trink mich – solange ich heiß bin by Rébecca Chaillon; Die große Bärin von Penda Diouf; Drissa von Éva Doumbia and LOVE IS IN THE HAIR. Eine Partitur by Laetitia Ajanohun.