africologneDIALOGFORUM @ ECAS 2023


3.6.2023  14:30 - 16.15 h

UNIVERSITY OF COLOGNE, Albertus Magnus Platz, Philosophicum, Raum S 75



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In addition to the calls to 'provincialize' the West and to decolonize the social sciences, there are now demands for global reparations and restitution made by the countries of the South and by allied movements in the countries of the North with respect to the past and present consequences of the asymmetrical relations between the West and the rest of the world. africologneDIALOGFORUM @ ECAS 2023 will examine the nature of the demands for reparations and restitution, the reasons for their current resurgence, the reception given to them in the countries of the North, as well as the conditions required for the implementation of a reparations and restitution agenda beneficial to the countries of the South.

For the first time, the africologneDIALOGFORUM will take place within the frame of the ECAS.


KEYNOTES Dr. Amzat Boukari-Yabara (Historian, Activist, Author; Benin/France), Dr. Koulsy Lamko (Author, Poet; Senegal/Mexiko/Tschad), Mireille Fanon Mendès-France (Lawyer and Anti-Racism Activist; Martinique/France), Hyppolite Ntigurirwa (Artist, Activist, Founder of Be the Peace; England/ Ruanda)

INPUT & MODERATION Dr. Ndongo Samba Sylla (Development Economist, Director of africologneDIALOGFORUM /Senegal)

ARTISTIC INTERVENTION Zora Snake (Performer, Choreographer; Dancer, Cameroon)


You can find an article by journalist Marie Yan about the DIALOGFORUM here.