The association afroTopia e.V.

Host of africologneFESTIVAL


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The association afroTopia (respectively stands for African theater and African themes in an utopian space and in the context of transnational commutation) functions as the host of the africologne label and therefore organizes the festival with its satellite and corporation ventures in various cities. The association wants to promote artistic processes, to connect beyond continental boundaries and create common producing spaces. The africologneFESTIVAL, which was originally born out of the existing structures of the Theater im Bauturm, received within the foundation of afroTopia its own fabric.

The charter members of the nonprofit association afroTopia e.V. are the followings: Dr. Lale Akgün (former member of the German parliament, the “Bundestag”, 1rst Chairperson); Peter Pauls (former Chief Editor of the Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger); Sebastian Fischer (FilmInitiativ Köln); Prof. Dr. Winfried Polte (former spokesman of the board of DEG/KfW); Etienne Minoungou (Festival Récréâtrales, Ouagadugou); Dr. Rolf Mützenich (Member of the German parliament, the “Bundestag”); Ramata Soré (Journalist, Burkina Faso); Christa Morgenrath (Stimmen Afrikas); Angela Spizig (former mayoress of Cologne) as well as Kerstin Ortmeier and Gerhardt Haag as the initiators and formal founders of the africologne label. The board is currently made up of Dr Lale Akgün (1st chairperson), Bernhard Bauer (2nd chairperson), Isabelle Bonnaire (treasurer) and Jul Sanwidi (advisory board).


The goals of the association are statutory described as follows:


1. Goal of the association

Main goal of the association is the promotion of Art and Culture. The implementation of this objective is mainly hold in the equitable collaboration with mostly African partners. The charter's aim will be realized within a special focus on Europe and Africa. Purpose is, through exchange and corporation in a cultural, especially artistic, educational and political field, to strengthen an  international ethos, tolerance and the thought of international understanding. The mutual comprehension of European and African realities should be sponsored and with it development cooperation. The association's work lies in the understanding of development, which is to be considered equally both in Africa and in Europe. The intention of the association is to establish more cultural understanding, tolerance in every sections of Artistry and Culture, to promote and research the concepts of development and to contribute to a peaceful collaboration of different nations.


2. The charter's goals will be realized especially through:

a) the promotion and accomplishment of international co-productions in various branches of performing arts and beyond stagecraft;

b) the promotion and execution of the biennial africologneFESTIVAL in Cologne and beyond this event;

c) the promotion and execution mutual educational and enlightening works, also in the academic section;

d) the documentation of creative crafts and the publishing of literary and artistic publications, in analog and digital form;

e) the advertising of conveyance means as well as the collection and forwarding of donations for the association's goals.



If you want to support the work of our association, feel free to become a member —>> HERE




Contact: afroTopia e.V., Holbeinstr. 38, D- 50733 Cologne; Tel: +49 (0) 221 77 94 87