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Preis: VVK 16 €/11 € (erm.), AK 21 €/13 € (erm.)

Ort: Stadtgarten Studio 672


Theater-Adaption nach einer Kurzgeschichte von Doreen Baingana

In Tropical Fish entdeckt eine junge ugandische Frau in einer Affäre mit einem älteren weißen Geschäfts-mann in Kampala/Uganda die Macht ihrer Sexualität. Was als Ausflucht mit Spaßfaktor von ihrem einfachen Alltag und einer glanzlosen Zukunft beginnt, wird jedoch schnell zur schmerzreichen Erfahrung, was sie in dieser Welt als Frau, als schwarze Frau, wert ist. Was verliert sie im Austausch gegen ein Schaumbad und einen Gin Tonic an Leben?

Tropical Fish ist die Adaption einer preisgekrönten Kurzgeschichten-Sammlung von Doreen Baingana.

Inszenierung & Spiel Rehema Nanfuka

Technik Ismile Matovu


Eine Produktion von Artlings Productions.




„In pursuit of a better and more exciting life, the girl falls into the trap of Peter. Her ignorance and naivety lead her into the house of her newly found soon-to-be lover. While her plan was to escape her world, and immerse into a wealthy, fun-filled life, she soon finds herself in the master bedroom with a naked white old man. She does not object or agree to his advances. The first night becomes one of the many. She enjoys expensive gifts, exciting experiments such as bubble baths, and attention.
Baingana’s play made me sympathize with the notion that many women are not aware of the power of their sexuality. During life’s nasty experiences, when women are supposed to defend themselves and their goals, they don’t hold their stand. They are swayed by other people’s decisions and ideologies. They chose to please other people at the expense of their own joy. They carry burdens that they shouldn’t. Sexuality, as covered in the play, gives the play another perspective. It does not show the usual display of the old white men taking advantage of (sometimes) the ‘willing’ young African girls. It captures issues around wo-manhood and the impact of neglecting one’s identity.“ Maureen Murori