Présentation des recherches sous forme de représentation théâtrale

Alte Feuerwache / Halle

20.06.2019  17:00 h TICKETS

20.06.2019  20:00 h TICKETS

10 € / 7 € (reduced)

Duration: ca. 1 h


Transcultural research project

Since February 2019, refugees, migrants, citizens of Cologne and professional artists have been meeting once a week in the transcultural laboratory 3rd Space in order to explore new possibilities for human encounters. In the field studies for the performance Instincts - A Theory Of Change, a group of people is placed in a desert-like space in which there is no distraction from human existence. What unfolds is the encounter of human instinct in each individual and the confrontation with the animal within, with one's own body, the voices and the vibration of music. When animal and animal, man and woman, warrior and warrior meet, it may become evident that at the bottom of this encounter it is the same material from which everything and everyone is made, borders and boundaries are experienced from a different perspective.

Direction Nicole Nagel | Dramaturgy Mirjam Knapp | Choreography Annamari Keskinen | Music Jan Werge | Photography Nikola Tacevski | Assistance Elisa Giovannetti Production africologneFESTIVAL in collaboration with Nicole Nagel

With Nathalie Taly Journo, Rami Khalaf, Landry Amon, Jan Paul Werge and participants of the workshops