A Bavarian-Togolese Journey Through Time

5.6.2021  20:00 h  (GMT 18:00). LIVE-STREAM

7.6.2021  20:00 h (GMT 18:00), LIVE-STREAM

Duration approx. 1:30 hrs


LANGUAGES German and French with changing subtitles


The development of this international theater production was triggered by a statement by the then-minister of Bavaria Franz-Josef Strauß to his friend, the then Togolese President Gnassingbé Eyadéma: “We blacks have to stick together!” Strauß, member of the conservative party CSU whose party color is black, creates a thoroughly distorted image with this outrageous statement, concealing decades of power imbalance and economic interests that ruled the relationship of these two nations. Denying the colonial past, this statement by Strauß mirrors Germany’s conflict between repressed colonial guilt and postcolonial entanglement which it had, at this point, just started to come to terms with. It is a statement in need of a response. Can we still speak of encounters, dialogue and solidarity after such a statement? Emerging from an artistic exchange between Tongolese artists and a team from the Münchner Kammerspie, this multimedia semi-fictional documentary utilizes drama, puppetry, comic and film to tell the story of a futuristic ghost hunter’s journey through time. Exposing colonial phantoms, she follows them to the preset day.


BY AND WITH Ramsès Alfa, Dr. Kokou Azamede, Jeannine Dissirama Bessoga, Danaye Kalanféi, Nancy Mensah-Offei, Michael Pietsch, Komi Togbonou, Martin Weigel | IDEA Jan-Christoph Gockel, Komi Togbonou | DIRECTOR Jan-Christoph Gockel | LIVE-CAMERA AND VISUAL DESIGN Eike Zuleeg | IMAGE MIXING AND EDITING Denize Galiao | TEXT Elemawusi Agbédjidji und Ensemble | COMIC Aka (Adodokpo Kokou Armand), Tsidkenu Ezechias Gbadamassi (Kias), Kiel (Tsidkenu Ezechiel Gbadamassi), Paulin Assem | STAGE AND COSTUME DESIGN Julia Kurzweg | COSTUME DESIGN-COLLABORATION Ayanick Nini Nicoué | PUPPETRY Danaye Kalanféi, Michael Pietsch | DRAMATURGY Olivia Ebert | LIGHTS Christian Schweig | VIDEO TECHNOLOGY & LIVE-STREAM Thomas Zengerle | LIVE-MUSIC Komi Togbonou and Martin Weigel and the PERforMERK II quad analog synthesizer | SOUND Filmszenen— Caled Boukari | TRANSLATION AND SUBTITLING Charlotte Bomy, Yvonne Griesel | COORDINATION OF THE RSEARCH TRIP AND LIVE-STREAM LOMÉ Goethe Institut Lomé (Edem Attiogbé, Séraphin N’Taré Adjogah) | PRODUCED BY Münchner Kammerspiele | COPRODUCED Goethe-Institut | LOCAL PARTNER TOGO Goethe-Institut Lomé