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Premiere in NRW

Schauspiel Köln (Depot 2) 



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Duration: ca. 2h 



The revolution devours its children!

A theatre project by Jan-Christoph Gockel & ensemble

The Revolution Devours Its Children! tells the story of a group of actors from Graz who, in October 2018, were sent out to carry their ideas of freedom, equality and brotherhood to Burkina Faso with Georg Büchner's work Danton's Death, and whose mission failed thoroughly. They get caught in the civil uprising that drives the long-term dictator Blaise Compaóré into flight. The artists meet real and fictitious persons and come increasingly closer to the myth of the charismatic independence fighter and President Thomas Sankara, who was murdered in 1987. In the play, the group processes their experiences in scenes and film footage. Reality and fiction, theatrical and film material, archive material and staged scenes blur, overlap and complement each other in this theatrical experience, which deals with the themes of colonialism and Eurocentrism, theatre and interdisciplinarity. In the style of a fake documentary, the play also takes a humorous look behind the scenes of a municipal theatre.

"Jan-Christoph Gockel brings together a lot of things on this evening: Europe and Africa, political theatre and backstage comedy, documentary and fake documentary, Büchner and Burkina Faso. (Süddeutsche Zeitung, W. Kralicek, 28.11.2018). "The piece is a wild hybrid, takes one's breath away, presses on the tear gland, rumbles over itself and clears up... not only intelligently, but also extremely entertainingly. [...] The highly risky and also costly production, for a city theatre still without a precedent, is presented with all the devices a theatre can offer: Creativity, ability, intelligence, entertainment and, last but not least, enlightenment and lots of ideas for dealing further with the topics negotiated. An absolute recommendation". (, M. Preiner, 23.11.2018).


Staging Jan-Christoph Gockel Scenography Julia Kurzweg Puppetry Michael Pietsch Video Eike Zuleeg Light Thomas Trummer Dramaturgy and project management Jennifer Weiss  Tour management Gerhardt Haag  


With Julia Gräfner, Florian Köhler, Raphael Muff, Michael Pietsch, Evamarie Salcher, Komi Mizrajim Togbonou



Production Schauspiel Graz in co-production with africologneFESTIVAL Guest performance in Cologne in cooperation with Schauspiel Graz and Schauspiel Köln