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25.06.2019  11:00 h, School performance, only with prior registration:

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Tickets: Presale 14 € / 9 € (reduced), Box office 18 € / 12 € (reduced)

Duration 1 h 20 m


Theater performance by Star Boy Collective

In this charged, political performance, three Africans living in Belgium attempt to solve the complex migration-integration dilemma. Their answer? - A new country for African-Europeans and European-Africans, where they themselves determine the norms. The performers introduce their ideas to their utopian land to the audience, discussing and debating them before it is left to the audience to vote.

Reverse Colonialism! was inspired by the real and current situations of the Star Boy Collective, who after precarious years of attempting to become 'legal' in Europe now all have their papers. They find themselves now confronted by the reality that 'blue collar' is probably the best they can be in Europe, and that if they are lucky. Rather than telling their, and their community's, stories and experiences of being confronted by the glass ceiling, Reverse Colonialism! attempts to look to the future, or at least a future.

In the emerging style of new performance troupe, Star Boys Collective and Ahilan Ratnamohan who have been collaborating since 2013, Reverse Colonialism! breaks the theatre rules open in order to undertake a dialogue with its audience.
Reverse Colonialism! builds upon the relationship between the audience and performers becoming something of a debate, whereby the audience member becomes a participant. The audience is brought to confront their true political stance.

Star Boy Collective is a contemporary performance troupe consisting of 12 West African footballers who have migrated to Europe to play professional football. The collective was born out of the collaboration for the football-dance-theatre piece Michael Essien I want to play as you..., imagined by Australian director Ahilan Ratnamohan.
Through his projects, Ahilan Ratnamohan is looking to build on already established methods for creating work with non-professionals as well as further developing the skills of these unorthodox and emerging performers, who offer a new voice in the Belgian arts scene.



Director Ahilan Ratnamohan Media Art Frederick Rodrigues Dramaturg Kristof Persyn Production Star Boy Collective 2017 Cast Etuwe Bright Junior, Aloys Kwaakum, Lateef Babatunde, Ahilan Ratnamohan



In Reverse Colonialism! theatre-maker Ahilan Ratnamohan confronts us in a rare and feisty manner with our relationship with Africa and African migrants. A relationship that, through our colonial past and present, carries baggage and of which we, unfortunately, are seldom aware.“ Theaterkrant