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Schauspiel Köln, Depot 1 



22.06.2019  10:30 - 16:00 Uhr 

Free admission Prior registration requested


africologneDIALOGFORUM – Annual Conference of the International Theatre Institute – Centre Germany (ITI)

The political relations between Europe and Africa are still determined by post-colonial structures. The question of power has been discussed increasingly in the last years, but the North-South gradient is still causing a differential in the distribution of power and resources and by this reiterating the question of equal opportunities. What conditions are needed for cooperation to succeed on an equal basis? What kind of space will be given to new aesthetics and narratives and who is creating them? Where are the new perspectives of artistic cooperation?

Experiences and approaches will be discussed at this year's africologneDIALOGFORUM. The discussion between Achille Mbembe (Historian, Political Scientist and in June this year Albertus Magnus Professor at the University of Cologne) and Stefan Schmidtke (Programme Director of the ITI Festival Theater der Welt in Düsseldorf 2020) opens the conference. Further podiums will hold the following discussants, among others: Etienne Minoungou, Jan-Christoph Gockel, Emeka Okereke, Rafaële Giovanola and Ahilan Ratnamohan... a unique opportunity both to get to know the works of internationally producing artists and directors and to engage in discussions.An opportunity for the exchange of experiences, networking and new projects - and for reflection on the structures of international project work.A cooperation of africologne with the International Theatre Institute - Centre Germany (ITI).


10:00        Arrival, inscription

10:30        Welcoming address (Stefan Bachmann, Etienne Minoungou, Joachim Lux)

11:00        Overcoming postcolonial conditions and structures: Achille Mbembe in conversation with Stefan Schmidtke

12:00        Panel discussion: Power structures or equal footing? Practical experience and socio-political perspective
Panelists: Jan-Christoph Gockel (director, "Revolution devours its own children"), Emeka Okereke (media artist, Invisible Borders), Odile Sankara (author, actress, director "Parole Due"), Sophia Stepf (director, Flinn Works)
Moderation: Etienne Minoungou (actor "Traces", founder of the festival Récréâtrales in Burkina Faso)

13:30        Lunch break       

14:30        Panel discussion: Cooperations: New (aesthetic) forms, new narratives, new structures!
Panelists: Beate Heine (playwright, Schauspiel Köln), Rafaële Giovanola (Choreographer, Cocoon Dance, "Signifying Ghosts"), Ahilan Ratnamohan (director, "Reverse Colonialism!"), Moussa Sawadogo (Curator, Village Opéra Burkina Faso, Afrikamera Filmfestival)
Moderation: Dorothea Marcus (journalist)

16:00        Conclusion of the conference programme / informal discussions at the bar in the foyer



A cooperation of africologne with the International Theater Institute –  Centre Allemagne (ITI)