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Theater im Bauturm

20.06.2019  20:00 h  TICKETS

21.06.2019  20:00 h  TICKETS 

Presale 18 € / 13 € (reduced) + Box office 21 € / 15 € (reduced)

Duration 2h45 incl. a break


Performance by Jan-Christoph Gockel, Nina Gühlstorff and Laurenz Leky

The Democratic Republic of the Congo is the scene of horrific colonial crimes and exploitation that continues to this day in the wake of global trade. Moreover, this country still has to serve as a projection surface for Europe's sensibilities. Laurenz Leky examines the German-Congolese lines of communication in two solo performances: At the centre of Congo Müller (director: Jan-Christoph Gockel) is the former Wehrmacht soldier Siegfried Müller, who worked as a mercenary in Congo in the 1960s and achieved dubious fame for his brutality. KoNGOland (director: Nina Gühlstorff) puts our efforts to create order in Africa into a critical light: Does the Congo really need the help of development aid workers and European idealists with enlightenment fantasies? A strained discourse spectacle oscillating between European ego trip and a peace-fostering theatre mission.


Staging Jan-Christoph Gockel, Nina Gühlstorff With Laurenz Leky



A co-production with Theater im Bauturm,  Theater Rampe Stuttgart and Nyx e.V., 2018